DIVE Medical

Detection of visual pathologies in small children

Combining the cognitive power and innovative method of a small local start-up with the capabilities of a global-reach enterprise can lead to ground-breaking impact. This is what a Spain-based Dive has achieved hand in hand with the Huawei.

“Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze, Co-Founders of SwissCognitive, were highly eager to speak to Marta Ortin, Data Scientist from Dive at Huawei Innovation Day in Paris on 4th November, and find out more about this strong partnership.

Ortin first explained what a huge difference it makes to detect vision impairment as early as possible, grant access to the personalized medical care, and with that, ensure that they live an absolutely normal life afterward. Secondly, Ortin revealed how the technology itself works – with the data collected from the children and sent to the smartphone of the ophthalmologists which is being run…”

Leer más: https://swisscognitive.ch/2019/11/09/detection-of-visual-pathologies-in-small-children/

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