DIVE Medical


Spanish technology at the service of global health

Visual impairment, a major social and economic problem

People in the world with visual impairment or blindness
Children in the world with vision problems
Children that goes blind every year
Children aged zero to 15 with severe or moderate visual impairment
Cost ($) of visual impairment to health systems

The key: anticipating diagnosis and treatment

The DIVE platform, the solution of DIVE-Medical

To solve these problems, DIVE-Medical has developed DIVE: a new medical technology for comprehensive, automatic, fast, and accurate screening of the visual function, even in non-verbal patients. DIVE is a technology based on eye tracking and artificial intelligence.

Project TrackAI

Visual problem detection using artificial intelligence

The field of healthcare is one of the sectors that is benefiting most from Artificial Intelligence (AI), with numerous applications already underway. AI is emerging, above all, as a tool capable of rapidly analysing large amounts of information. This is why DIVE-Medical has seen artificial intelligence as a solution for the universalisation of comprehensive visual screening that can be performed on any patient (including preverbal children and non-verbal patients) by non-professional users anywhere in the world.

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