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Fast and accurate screening of the visual function for children since six months of age

DIVE for primary care

Health care professionals and auxiliary staff under their direction can use it in order to help decide if the patient needs to be referred to the specialist. DIVE AI Vision Screening provides an indication of the risk for the patient to present abnormal visual development, strabismus, or colour vision defects. Key features:

Benefits of early screening

Scientific evidence shows a direct relationship of reduction in the prevalence of amblyopia due to the implementation of pre-school screening

Benefits of complete screening

Using multiple screening tests improves the detection of vision problems in preschool-aged children

Difficulties in visual screening

The sensitivity and specificity of analog methods have a high dependence on the person performing the screening (professional vs. non-professional)

Automatic sequential execution of the screening

DIVE AI Vision Screening runs an adapted version of the DIVE visual tests and incorporates artificial intelligence to detect in real time patients who need to be referred to a specialist. This module is aimed at primary care centers, schools, NGOs and all types of organisations that carry out visual screening programmes. In its default mode, DIVE AI Vision Screening includes four phases, each one of them including several tests that are run sequentially.

Short Fixation

Long fixation (OC) Grating visual acuity Contrast sensitivity Short fixation
Monocular phase, first eye

Long fixation (OC) Grating visual acuity Contrast sensitivity Short fixation
Monocular phase, second eye

Color perception (only for >2 y.o. children)

Visual acuity at 3m

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions about DIVE AI Vision Screening, you can download the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS of our device, which includes information about our test validations.

DIVE AI Vision Screening demo

You can learn how the system DIVE AI Vision Screening developed by DIVE Medical performs visual screenings, even in non-verbal patients. Click “START” and go check our demo

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