Uso de la inteligencia artificial para recoger datos sobre las enfermedades oculares de los niños en el Hospital Central de Ojos

Experts and doctors from Spain are training on the DIVE system for doctors of the Central Eye Hospital on June 19, 2019.

“Over the past 5 years, Spanish startup DIVE Medical and medical research institute IIS Aragon have developed a new type of medical device called DIVE (Integrated Visual Inspection Device), which can provide automatic vision function, high speed and accurate testing even for uncooperative patients such as children and even infants. Children with impaired vision see things differently than normal people. DIVE uses meticulously designed visual stimuli, custom software, and machine learning to detect and differentiate visual problems.

Unlike the traditional method of having a doctor guide the child’s gaze with a finger or device, DIVE uses a computer screen…”

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