Latest news of DIVE-Medical

  • Swiss cognitive

    Detection of visual pathologies in small children

    Dalith Steiger and Andy Fitze, Co-Founders of SwissCognitive, were highly eager to speak to Marta Ortin, Data Scientist from Dive at Huawei Innovation Day in Paris on 4th November, and ... [READ MORE]

  • AI Business

    This start-up is using AI to stop kids from losing their eyesight

    A Spanish startup called Dive Medical has devised a way to use consumer-grade hardware to diagnose visual impairment in young kids, with the first prototype of a system called Dive AI being tested ... [READ MORE]

  • Optometry today

    Tracking children’s vision needs

    About 19 million children worldwide are visually impaired and 1.4 million of them are completely blind. Yet 70–80% of these cases could have been treated or cured if they had been detected earlier. [READ MORE]

  • Express healthcare

    Huawei bets on Track.AI

    Digital technologies have made the global healthcare business environment extremely fascinating. While in the last few years we saw corporate behemoths such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung ... [READ MORE]

  • AndroidPIT

    Huawei Track AI: an AI-powered device that can diagnose visual impairment

    According to WHO estimates, there are about 19 million children with visual disorders but 70-80% of these problems are caused by treatable or preventable diseases. That's why Huawei decided to ... [READ MORE]